Enchanted Kingdom: A Feeling of Rush and Excitement


Enchanted Kingdom, located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, is a theme park, which serves as one of the most favorite destinations in the Philippines. When it comes to leisure trips, Enchanted Kingdom is one place to be included on your list. Enchanted Kingdom is a wonderful place that forms many great memories, perfect for the young and the young at heart. Who does not like theme parks, though? Rides, Carousel, magicians, balloons, Ferris wheel, hotdog on stick, ice cream – these are some description from a child when asked what comes to his mind about theme parks. Just like this little boy, I also had the same description, the same expectations.

Arriving at roughly 3:00 pm, I was awakened from a short nap by the instinct that we are almost there – at Enchanted Kingdom. Since it is my first time there, I am thrilled when I catch a glimpse of the front gate. Feels like my excitement brings me back to being a child. This feeling never ends until the time that I got home; there is so much happiness in me that I wish we could have stayed there longer. As we fall in line for the tickets, the minutes seem to be longer than usual. I almost cannot wait to enter and get on the rides. There are different prices for the package that you want. I mean, you can choose of either going for the ride all you can ticket or just for the specific rides. I say you go for the ride all you can and try all the rides. The moment we enter the place, we just can’t help ourselves but take pictures.

Honestly, I wanted to try all the rides but unfortunately, it is impossible because of the long file of people waiting for their turn. Well, all in all we had tried four rides. For me those rides are the “must try’s.” I happen to get a ride at the Anchor’s away. That one got me screaming early on. It feels like you’re gonna fall down when the swinging gets higher and higher. But I must say it really feels good when you’re up and the swinging motion makes it really freaky. Have to try it again some other time.


Next is the “wet rides” Rio Grande Rapids and Jungle Log Jam. Ohhh I love those rides. As for my experience, I suggest that you ride those two last. So that it won’t spoil your day and be sure to bring extra shirt and pants, definitely you’ll get wet.


Last but not the least is the Space shuttle – the most feared of all. Some people don’t imagine themselves riding this, including myself. Until now, I really can’t figure out why they make me get into that monster ride. Though, having experienced it once is worth keeping. These one literally makes my world go round, thank goodness I didn’t throw up after getting into that ride.


It is an awesome experience spending a day at Enchanted Kingdom. All in all, I had fun fun fun going to EK and I am definitely coming back.


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