Tagaytay City: An Unforgettable Visit with Lexorsoft Family









It was a great experience returning to Tagaytay City after several years. I remember that I was only in Grade 4 when I first step this place. Time flies too fast and right now, I am returning to this place with my co-workers in Lexorsoft. The entire group visited Tagaytay City on February 5, 2012.

Since it was my second time to visit Tagaytay, I am a bit familiar with the most famous spots in the city. We first visited the Picnic Grove which is ideal for family outing, camping, or even for the bonding with your friends. As we enter the grove, there are several tourists who are also visiting the place. We toured the entire place and we spot the beautiful Taal Volcano in Batangas. It was really breathtaking and refreshing as you feel the atmosphere in Tagaytay. The ambience was very soothing and appropriate for relaxation. There are also several souvenir shops in the place that offers shirts, key chains, bags, and other stuffs that are made in Tagaytay.




















As you go along the place, you may also try various activities like horseback riding and boat riding. With this additional attraction, you can further enjoy your stay in Tagaytay. You can try these activities in group packages so it is more affordable on your part. It is also allowed to bring foods in the area so you can be able to save more money in doing other activities in the city.

As we tour the place, we noticed that there is an added pleasure in Picnic Grove. They now included a zip line where you can be able to see the entire scenery in Tagaytay. There are also various cottages in the place which makes it more convenient for the tourists to enjoy the place with their family and friends. Since we have prepared our meals, we decided to eat our lunch in the Picnic Grove. Sir Roger grouped us in three groups which correspond in the divisions of meal preparation.









After we ate in Picnic Grove, we moved to People’s Park in the Sky where we all experienced a colder weather. Everyone was so busy in taking pictures with their circle of friends. You may also find several vendors who are selling their famous delicacies such as “espasol” and “buko pie”. These are considered to be the pride of Tagaytay City because of its exceptional taste. People’s Park is like an old palace when you will first visit it.



















Tagaytay City is one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines. With its breathtaking sceneries, irresistible delicacies, and other activities, there is no reason for you not to enjoy the entire place. In addition, its cold weather is also relaxing and hassle-free. You can be able to escape the stress in your work, pollution in your urban area, and also create a bonding with your family and friends. You can all do this as you visit the beautiful place of Tagaytay City! Bring your family and friends in this place and you will definitely enjoy every moment of it.




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