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Spending Great Times inside the Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park



It was an exciting opportunity for me along with the officemates from Lexorsoft Online Services Company to return to Sta. Rosa, Laguna and revisit the beautiful amusement park of the Enchanted Kingdom. This is actually our final stop after visiting the beautiful city of Tagaytay and witnessing the remarkable landscape views surrounding the Taal Volcano Lake.  As expected, holidaymakers loaded the different tourist spots last February 5, Sunday and the same day of our outing.


Our group composed of almost 35 individuals with our bosses, arrived the place at around 3:00 p.m. from Tagaytay City. It was a sunny day and we can feel the heat of the sun upon reaching the parking area of the amusement park. Before reaching the venue, we actually converse inside the van about the plans going to the park. Others agreed to pay 500 pesos to avail the rides all you can promo, while I choose to pay only the entrance fee of 150 pesos with some of my companions too.


The moment we gather in front of the entrance, we start to argue like kids on whether to join the group paying 500 or 150 pesos entrance fee only. Well, most of our companions opted to pay 500 each and we stick to our decisions of paying only the entrance fee. One of our bosses, Ma’am Roxel, announced that we have until 9:00 p.m. to enjoy the amusement park. And as soon as we enter the park, all of us felt great like excited children taking picture to the beautiful views inside.


It was a perfect moment watching the performers dancing in front of the beautiful garden with fountains highlighting the Grand Carousel. Different food kiosks are inside the place selling hotdogs, sodas, milk shakes, candies, various dining places, and more. Although the promo means giving you the chance to enjoy all the rides, it is important to line up with the numerous people eager to avail of the promo inside. Like some of my friends, they tried to ride the Dodgem but the line is loaded and decided to return late in the afternoon. We then decided to seat on the benches while waiting for our companions to get the chance to ride the Roller Skater. While seating on the bench, I was amazed with the huge and high structure of the EK Extreme, as it is definitely a ball dropping experience riding on it.


While some of our companions are enjoying the ride of their life in the Anchors Away, we decided to visit the Rialto Theater to watch the performers singing some of the latest RNB music combined with Jazz music too. We enjoyed listening and after taking some pictures around the place, we saw the other group seating under the trees relaxing themselves. On the same spot, we got the chance to watch the performance of the two couples who really stunned the audience because of their lovely and powerful voices.


We decided to go to the parking to eat dinner already at about 6:30 p.m., but we opted to ask the driver to go to the Collette’s delicacies store to buy some stuffs. The Collette’s buko pie is actually the most famous delicacy when visiting Laguna and Tagaytay.


Finally, our Boss Sir Ed decided to go back home around 7:30 p.m. instead of 9:00 p.m. So, we enjoyed our dinner serving the best Philippine dish Chicken and Pork Adobo with boiled eggs in the parking area before traveling back to Bataan.


Revisiting the Beautiful Tagaytay City in the Philippines


Our company, Lexorsoft Online Services scheduled an outing last February 5, 2012 to visit Tagaytay City, the location of the famous Taal Volcano. It was agreed to divide those who are coming into three groups to organize the meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our boss gave each of the group their respective budget to set all the necessary things and be ready for the travel date.


The meeting place is at the Balanga City Transport Terminal before 6 a.m. Saturday, February 5. The whole group travelled using two rented vans and our boss with his family, brought their own Montero. Upon reaching the Petron gas station in the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), we took a break and have our breakfast at the parking area. The foods were great complete with hotdogs, fried eggs, tocino (sweetened pork meat) and hot coffee or chocolate.


We are somehow lucky that day because we never experience heavy traffic reaching Tagaytay City at around 11:20 a.m. Our first stop is in the Picnic Groove, wherein we decided to explore the place until lunchtime there before heading to our next stop. Most of the picnic cottages are already full because there are many tourists, picnickers and adventurers visiting the place.  The weather is fine and a bit windy blowing the cold winds. Here we enjoy seeing the famous Taal Volcano, which is the world’s smallest active volcano. People likewise enjoy some outdoor activities like horseback riding, zip line and the cable car. Many photographers are admiring the beautiful sceneries around the volcano, while some use telescopes to view the crater of the volcano.


Our boss reached the Picnic Groove at lunchtime and we decide to eat under the huge trees. Of course, our group is in charge of preparing the lunch and I am happy to cook the foods with the group mates. Lunch serve with sweet and sour meatballs and cheesy chicken. It was quit an enjoyable feast with all of us discussing the next stop to visit. By the way, the parking and entrance fees are both 50 pesos.


From Picnic Groove, our group headed to the Palace in the Sky or People’s Park in The Sky. Before reaching the peak of the mountain of which the location of the site, we get the chance pineapple plantations from the hillsides. After parking the vehicles, we paid an entrance fee of 30 pesos each and a 5 pesos jeepney fair going to the Palace. From there, tourists alike get the chance to view the stunning location of the Tagaytay Highlands. You will see the highly raised buildings around the green golf course. Around the place, we were able to roam the different stalls offering souvenir items like antique designs, shirts printed with the Taal Volcano, key chains and more. I also observed that the place likewise features different retreat houses and convents for religious individuals to visit.


One our way to the next stop, fruits stands are along the highways selling fresh fruits like pineapple, coconut, mangos and even dragon fruits. As expected, you will not leave this city without buying their famous delicacies like Espasol, kesong puti (creamy white cheese) and Buko Pie made of young coconut meat.