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Lexorsoft Family in Their Summer Escapade at Anawangin Cove


Summer season has arrived. For others, it is just another time of the year that will make them irritated time to time because of the hot temperature it brings. But for those who love hanging out under the sun this is the chance to have fun while soaking their bodies in the sea and building sand castles. Like these beach enthusiasts, Lexorsoft family did not let the hot season to just pass by. In the 21st of April, we explore the wonderful place lying in the middle of Zambales’ wide waters.

As planned, the Lexorsoft family met at around 3 o’clock in the morning. After a few hours of travelling from Bataan to the province of our destination, we stopped in San Antonio, Zambales market to buy foods we will cook when we got in the island. Few more hours spent, we met our fellow SEO specialists which all came from Manila and went there to stay away from their exhausting work. Also, this gathering happened to conduct the 1st SEO Bootcamp supervised by Lexorsoft’s very own Mr. Ed Pudol and some chief personnel belonging to the other group.

The next thing we did is rode a boat with a capacity of 30 people that brought as to the exquisite Anawangin Cove. The sea travel took almost an hour before we finally landed to the island. As we arrived, there is a large camp site waiting for our tents. Not long after we have a rest, we begun putting up our tents too. Since it is almost lunch and the heat can harm the skin, we instead play cards. Time pass by and it is already afternoon, the sun hid a portion of itself so we can go swimming.

While bathing in the blue sea, we feel a deeper appreciation of our vacation. What a good feeling it brings that for few days we are allowed to put behind all the pending works. We become playful, took pictures, picked corals and just seized the moment. As the sun completely disappeared, it is time to prepare for the seminar which is the true reason why we are there. During the seminar several people discuss and share their knowledge and experiences in the field of SEO optimization that we can utilize to improve our work.

After the tiring yet enjoyable first day of our stay, everyone took a good sleep and prepare for the next day. Its Sunday now and we started the day with a hike in the mini hill situated in the island. There we capture more pictures, though it is tiring, we never regret it instead treat it as something that can be part of our great Anawangin escapade. Overlooking the low mountain, we witnessed the beauty of the wide sea, the river located at rear part of the island and the whole island itself. We then took our breakfast followed by our lunch. Before we finally got home, we first drop by to Capones Island, which is smaller than Anawangin. But its sand is whiter and richer in beautiful stones.

After few minutes of staying there and taking pictures, we head back to the boat. This is the last part of our adventure and now we can go home with smiles in our faces.

Chilling Out in Enchanted Kingdom with Lexorsoft Family










There are several places in the Philippines that provide amusement and entertainment to the people. One of these places is the Enchanted Kingdom. It offers several forms of rides and entertainment that will surely provide exciting and thrilling experience. Last February 5, 2012, our company, Lexorsoft family, decided to take a break from a very busy work and entertain ourselves by going to Enchanted Kingdom. Even though it is my fourth time in the place, I was still excited because I am with my co-workers in Lexorsoft.

The group met in the Balanga Terminal at around 5:30 in the morning. We are divided in three groups that will be responsible in the preparation of our meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The company rented two vans that will accommodate the entire Lexor staffs. At around 6 o’clock, our group started to leave and headed to our destination. Our first destination is Tagaytay City which is known for its cold weather. It was already around 1 o’clock in the afternoon when we left Tagaytay and headed to Enchanted Kingdom.

At around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we have reached our destination. Most of the staffs chose the “Ride All You Can” package that costs P500. As expected, we always have pictures in every place that we visit. As we enter EK, there are several tourists who enjoy the entire amusement park. My friends and I planned on riding all the rides as much as we can. There are rides that I’m quite hesitant to ride because I was a bit afraid. The first ride that we tried is Anchor’s Away. It was not my first time but I was still shouting whenever the ride goes higher.

















Right after this breathtaking ride, we took another ride which is the “Rio Grande” and the “Jungle Log Jam” which are considered to be the wet rides in Enchanted Kingdom. These rides are really full of fun and excitement. Of all the rides in EK, I personally suggest that you try these rides. Perhaps, “Space Shuttle” is the most thrilling ride in Enchanted Kingdom. I was very afraid to try this ride because of its thrilling roller coaster experience. For the individuals who want a jam packed and breathtaking experience, you have to try this ride.













At around 6:30 in the evening, we return to the van to eat our dinner and to pack our stuffs as well. That time, I was really exhausted and wanted to take a rest. After eating our dinner, we bought “buko pie” for our families and friends. This delicacy is considered to be one of the prides of Laguna. By the time that all the staffs have finished their meals, it is time to go home and save all these happy memories in our hearts and minds.

Overall, I really enjoyed these trips with my co-workers in Lexorsoft. It was really tiring because of long hours of travel; however, it was covered with priceless happiness and memories with my friends and the entire Lexorsoft family. I will definitely treasure these moments in my life.