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Apple Iphone Just Arive Today


Finally I got my original Apple Iphone today, It’s been 3 days that I am waiting for DHL Baguio to deliver this package. Since I am very excited I made the initiative to go DHL Baguio City Office to ask why my package take so long.  And find out that the package was arrive yesterday and they are planning to deliver tomorrow. Snail service :).

First of all I would like to say thank you to my friend , customer, and mentor  Peter Drew from Australia. He is the one who send me this iPhone which I am dreaming to have long time ago. Once na akong natuksong bumili ng Fake iPhone from China. But I am lucky, that I didn’t buy one of those fake from China :). This is an early Christmas gift and I am really happy.

I got some picture of the phone check it out

Upon opening from DHL delivery

The Ipohone picture

First thing tomorrow I need to buy new sim card for the new iPhone. I don’t chance to buy today because I need to drive 6 hours from Baguio City To Bataan.

I am excited na nga eh, even do I am not yet familiar with the phone, how to operate it and how to use it. What are the feature I am sure this will make my business life easier like my friend Peter Drew told me.

Oh, by the way I tried  the camera of the new iPhone and wow it capture picture very fast.